Flexi-Roll, a judo tatami you can unroll and take down

Assemblage tatamis flexiroll

You can roll and unroll the Flexi-Roll mats very quickly. Connected together thanks to a patented Velcro system (Flexi-Connect) suited to stomping and useful floor contacts, Flexi-Roll mats are easy to move and store and enable you to share your gym with other sport disciplines.

You need more tatamis but have limited space?

The flexibility brought to you by the Flexi-Roll solution will allow you to deal with a more important workload at certain times by turning a vacant or rest area into an operating surface.

Transform and share martial arts areas with other sport disciplines

Thanks to this movable tatami surface, a gym can be used as a team sport session at one time slot, then be a gymnastics or aerobics surface at another time slot before turning into a true dojo.

Comparing puzzle mats and Flexi-roll mats

Puzzle mats have a few advantages: easy to set up (some might say a child could do it), quick to use, it gives you a great flexibility and enables the practice of different sports.


Flexi-Roll mats are quicker and easier to take down, lighter than puzzle mats and easier to manipulate. But what gives Flexi-Roll mats a big edge on puzzle mats is their certified density for the practice of judo and ground sports (see the exhaustive list). The other difference between Flexi-Roll mats and puzzle mats is the finish we offer:

  • Tatami finish for martial arts
  • Carpet finish for gymnastics
  • Smooth finish for wrestling, MMA and other ground sports.

A removale tatami solution for sport events

How to conceive a dojo for a judo competition or an exhibition?

Judokas en action

If you feel pressured by the imminence of a particular event necessitating a large mat or tatami surface, Flexi-Roll can be the answer to your problems. Easy removable, 3 times lighter than a regular tatami, this solution will allow you within a few minutes to dispose of a surface complying with the standards of high level judo competitions. Flexi-Roll mats are certified by federations and competent authorities. Watch the installation video.

A tatami solution designed by athletes

Judo tatamis need a precise composition and density to comply with safety standards required for judokas to train and fight. Flexi-Roll mats have been conceived to substitute and match the expectations of a tumble mat, and tested before certification.