A tatami surface for every sport

tatami flexi roll

Flexi-Roll brings an effective solution to the problems you may have managing a sport centre or sharing a space with other sport disciplines.


Suited to the practice of combat sports, martial arts and gymnastics, complying with the regulations in force, the Flexi-Roll mats are easily removable and can be stored in a closet.

For school children and the introduction to new practices, Flexi-Roll has a big advantage: its adaptability. Thus, you can easily turn a space dedicated to basketball or futsal into a ground sport surface while ensuring the safety of users.



For occasional sport events (competition or else) necessitating substantial space, Flexi-Roll brings you a relevant solution and an easy installation and handling.


  • Quick installation/disassembly
  • 4 times lighter than a regular tatami
  • Easy storage
  • Quality surface (EN 12503-3 standard regarding the practice of dojo sports)
  • 5 year warranty – See the details about the Flexi-Roll warranty


Gymnastics mat, carpet finish

Judo mat, tatami finish

Wrestling mat, smooth finish